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50 years of metal processing

BRUDER-KELLER has been firmly in the hands of its family owners since it was founded in the Alsace region of France in 1965. Located close to the German federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland and with excellent transport links to Lorraine, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Switzerland and the Benelux countries, we are a reliable and international partner. With an eye to future developments in the metal processing industry, we invest selectively in leading-edge technology.


         LEAN               from A to Z


Innovative Production


SMART Industry 4.0




Performance-oriented Strategy


Lean-Management for higher Flexibility


Omnipresent Quality approach


Strong and reliable Global acting partner


Sufficient to satisfy your full requirements, including Logistics


Your supplier for sophisticated sustainable assemblies

Transport and
Workshop equipment

Refrigeration units
Refrigeration transportation
Aerospace and automotive industries
Agricultural machines
Rail vehicle construction
Tester trolleys
Test benches
Tool cabinets
Elevator construction

Energy and
engineering technology

Dryer steam generators
Reheater dryers
Heating and thermal
engineering equipment
Spolar panels
Blade cutters
Filters for gaseous substances
Cleanroom and air-conditioning equipment
Ventilation systems

Household and commercial appliances

Coffee tables
Charcoal grills
Roller shutter cupboards
Electric grills
Sheet metal components for:
Espresso machines Baking ovens
Large-scale and commercial kitchens

and electronic engineering

Control panels
Electrical controllers
Switch cabinets


tonnes of raw materials annually

7000 m²


business partners



Experience and Quality make the difference

Continuous flow production line

We will transform your ideas into products that are ready for sale by completing the entire manufacturing process, including packaging and shipping. Upon request, direct delivery to your customers is also possible. Our comprehensive solutions mean we take responsibility for dispelling all your concerns and keeping your work to a minimum. We will carry out procurement and the disposition of production materials. We will assemble bought-in parts such as plastic components and rollers. We will install electronic devices and cables. We will carry out a functional check of your appliances prior to delivery.


Long-term cooperation

Many of our customers have placed their confidence in us for more than 25 years and we have worked closely with some of them since 1960. As well as supplying perfect sheet metal components and modules, we also provide career prospects, social benefits and flexible working hours. The bond with our employees is very strong and the employee fluctuation rate has been below 3 percent for years.



Quality and precision

At Bruder-Keller, highly qualified employees and a modern machinery pool are involved in every step of the sheet metal working process. For you that means perfect sheet metal components and assemblies from a single provider. We manufacture modules in small to mid-sized batches, whether they are featherweight aluminum blanks produced in short cycles of just a few seconds, or sophisticated heavyweight cyclone scrubbers made of stainless steel or titanium, and whether as individual components, or as final products that are ready for sale.


Family business

We are an innovation-oriented company, hence it is not short-term success but sustainable success that we strive for. We invest continuously in growth, which means investing in employees, jobs, machines and manufacturing technologies. We are therefore both an attractive supplier for our customers and an attractive employer for the members of our staff.




Discover more about our services and products

In addition to having an extensive machinery pool we also provide comprehensive solutions. We carry out procurement, materials planning and the assembly of bought-in parts and rollers. We also install electronic components and cables.

Examples of products

  • Transport and workshop equipment
  • Energy and environmental engineering products
  • Household appliances
  • Electronics and electrical engineering equipment

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