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Sonderhoff CNC Foam Gasketing System
Gaskets for a wide range of products

CNC foam gasketing involves the direct application of a two-component polyurethane sealing foam that is tack free within a very short time. Seals manufactured in this way are used for soundproofing and to keep out dust and humidity. Further advantages of foam gaskets include: - Liquid application prevents shocks - Good long-term adhesive properties - Precise placement of gaskets - High cut resistance - Protects against many environmental influences - Compensates large part tolerances - High resetting ability over long periods - Suitable for small batches. The use of our three-axis CNC-controlled polyurethane gasketing machine will protect your valuable electronics from dust, dirt and humidity. Gasket dimensions: min. width 5 mm x height 2.5 mm, max. width 20 mm x height 10 mm. Max. processing dimensions of the system: 1,000 x 2,040 mm.