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About us

We are Bruder-Keller

BRUDER-KELLER prides itself on more than 50 years of successful company history. Initially founded by Richard KELLER and his father in law Jean-Adolphe BRUDER in 1966, the company is now one of the leading sheet metal processing companies in Europe.

Situated close to the border, Bruder-Keller was always committed to being an international partner for all sheet metal forming processes. We are a medium-sized European industrial company operating under the motto, “Nothing is so good that it couldn’t be improved.” We have around 150 highly motivated and qualified employees. Our innovation-oriented management team has remained close to its roots and is well aware of its responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment. BRUDER-KELLER’s origins stretch back to Adolphe Bruders’ village forge in 1933. In order to meet increasing industrial demand, the small craft workshop grew into the company BRUDER-KELLER and moved to the Sarre-Union industrial park to benefit from favorable transport links. The proximity to the border with Germany proved to be a locational advantage. Following German-French reconciliation and with the seeds of European integration beginning to flourish, the Upper Rhine Valley had soon developed into an economic and commercial hub. Since 1999, the company has been managed by Richard Keller’s sons Raymond and Roudy Keller. With Raymond Keller’s daughter Tina Keller, who joined the management team a number of years ago, the fourth generation is now preparing for leadership. The company, which is determined to remain a family-run business in the future, has expanded its workforce and production area on many occasions over the past decades. It now manufactures on a surface area covering around 7,000 square meters. As an innovation-oriented family business, we strive to achieve sustainable long-term success in preference to short-term gain. We invest continuously in growth, which means investing in employees, jobs, machines and manufacturing technologies. We are therefore both an attractive supplier for our customers and an attractive employer for the members of our staff. On the one hand, we provide state-of-the-art sheet metal components and assemblies, and on the other hand, good career prospects, social benefits and flexible working hours. Many of our customers have placed their confidence in us for more than 25 years and we have worked closely with some of them since 1960. The bond with our employees is equally strong, and the employee fluctuation rate has been below 3 percent for years. As a popular training enterprise for technical and commercial professions, we are safeguarding both the future of our company and career prospects for young people in our region.


  • Long-term business relationships
  • Comprehensive solutions from A-Z
  • Innovation & state-of-the-art technologies
  • 50 years of experience in sheet metal processing
  • Precision and quality


As a cutting-edge sheet metal processing company, BRUDER-KELLER contributes towards the success of a wide range of companies from numerous industrial sectors.

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