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The manufacture of an increasing number of sheet metal components requires the utmost precision. Smooth and burr-free edges are a matter of course, even when engineering extremely complicated contours. Despite a huge selection of punching tools, the right tool is not always available. What is the solution when conventional punching and nibbling are not possible? In such cases, it is the laser that is the tool of choice! BRUDER-KELLER invested in this technology early on. As soon as 1994, TRUMPF lasering equipment entered our production facilities in Sarre-Union in the Alsace region of eastern France. At the time, the mechanical engineering company TRUMPF, based in Ditzingen, near Stuttgart, was already supplying pure laser processing centers and combination machines. There were some initial worries that when punching thick metal sheets, combination machines would cause vibrations that would damage the sensitive laser optics, but these were quickly dispelled. Nevertheless, the question of financial efficiency remained a concern for some time, as at any one time, only the laser, or the no less expensive punching unit, could be in use. One part of the machine was therefore always standing idle. We therefore selected the extremely revolutionary TRUMATIC L 3030. The machine operated at lightening speeds, but still had one weakness. At the end of the twentieth century, it was not yet possible to remove laser-cut components automatically, which meant someone had to be present at all times. Bruder-Keller soon solved this challenge by opting for a TRUMATIC 600 L. As early as August 2009, TRUMPF was able to set up its new TruMatic 7000 at our facilities, the very first in France and perfectly suited to meeting the needs of our design engineers and customers. The TruMatic 7000 combines all the advantages of punching and laser processing, while at the same time operating at fast speeds and ensuring high-quality and scratch-free components. The second of these machines followed in November 2011. Bruder-Keller is convinced of the benefits of lasering. Early on, we invested in this technology and immediately selected full-option packages and the greatest possible power! With 4000 Watts of laser power and a complete range of accessories, our combination machines are capable of meeting every challenge. Whether your products are made of sheet steel, galvanized sheet metal, non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium or other alloys, and whether you need metal sheets that are only 0.5 mm thick, or metal plates with a thickness of 20 mm, our metal processing capabilities know no technical or regional limitations. When it comes to thin sheets, we operate at the highest speeds, while maintaining cutting edges that are burr and oxide-free. With minimum setting-up times and no tooling, we provide precise lasering of the finest work-piece contours, even faster punching of diverse hole patterns, and short production times. These clear advantages are economical and of great benefit to our customers. Our investments are therefore always investments in the future of our business partners.